Sredna Gora Hall

With and area of 60 square meters, Sredna gora Meeting room can welcome up to 25 persons depending on the different variations of the arrangement of seats.
The hall is furnished with comfortable business chairs with armrests and wooden tables that can easily be moved and rearranged. The layout of hall can be U-shaped, O-shaped, "classroom" type etc. Sredna gora Hall is with excellent access to natural light but in case it's needed - blackout curtains can be used.

In the hall can be positioned multimedia projector, screen, flipchart and other technical equipment. All of them are offered by the hotel.
The proximity of the hall to the large conference hall Luda Yana implies the possibility of their joint use in holding business and family events.
In front of the Sredna gora Hall there is a small foyer, wherein can be held coffee breaks between the different stages of events.